Ultrasonic Grove

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Using ultrasonic grove sensor from Seedstudio to detect obstacle or measure range.

Specification :
Parameter Value/Range
Operating voltage 3.3~5V
Operating current 15mA
Ultrasonic frequency 42kHz
Measuring range 3-400cm
Resolution 1cm
Output PWM


Sketch : ( Using this library)
#include "Ultrasonic.h" 

//  Connect the signal pin of the sensor to Digital pin 7 on the Autonomo
Ultrasonic ultrasonic(7); 

void setup (){        
void loop(){
long RangeInInches;
long RangeInCentimeters;
//  Measure the distance to the Obstacle in Inches      
SerialUSB.println("The distance to obstacles in front is: ");
RangeInInches =ultrasonic.MeasureInInches();
SerialUSB.print(RangeInInches); //0~157 inches 
SerialUSB.println(" inch");        
//  Measure the distance to the Obstacle in Centimeters         
RangeInCentimeters =ultrasonic.MeasureInCentimeters();
// two measurements should keep an interval  
SerialUSB.print(RangeInCentimeters); //0~400cm
SerialUSB.println(" cm");