T-Mobile NL

T-Mobile NL

T-Mobile Netherlands offers NB-IoT for their customers.

Huawei OceanConnect to Nokia Impact
The early adopters have recieved an connection to the “old” Huawei’s OceanConnect platform.
On the 1st of May 2018 OceanConnect has been replaced by Nokia Impact.
All simcards who used to work on OceanConnect should now work on Nokia Impact.

SCRAMBLING need to be set to TRUE
AT+CGDCONT=0,”IP”,”cdp.iot.t-mobile.nl” (DEFAULT CID changed to ZERO!!)

Registration IMEI on T-Mobile’s Nokia Impact
Create an account here:
After creating an account you need to wait for the confirmation email of T-Mobile, this can take a while. So please be patients.

Library / Firmware
The library works with the latest SARA Firmware, upgrade to this version.

AT commands
All AT commands can be found on this page.

Your IMEI and subscriptionId are both transmitted within the message.
The value is Hexadecimal.

 "reports": [
 "serialNumber": "IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
 "timestamp": 1526375609870,
 "subscriptionId": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
 "resourcePath": "uplinkMsg\/0\/data",
 "value": "4d2c2039"
 "registrations": [
 "deregistrations": [
 "updates": [
 "expirations": [
 "responses": [

At this moment it is only possible with postman to send ASCII data back to your device.
Also, your device will in the test period always recieve “AAAA0000” when you transmit a package as confirmation message.
If you have scheduled a downlink message (or multiple) then all will be recieved after this confirmation message.
Soon this confirmation message will be removed.

This section will be updated when we have more information about how to send your data from T-Mobile NL to AllThingTalk.

Please ask all your question on our forum.