NB-IoT Dashboard


T-mobile is sponsoring NB-IoT sim cards for everyone who lives in the Netherlands. We will activate the sim cards, activate the NB-IoT shield on the T-mobile network and send your data to All Things Talk. From All Things Talk you can display your data or send it to your own server.

Create an account

New ground
Create a new ground.
A ground holds a set of devices, e.g. all NB-IoT devices, all … devices.

Connect your device.
Select Sodaq NB-IoT shield
Select the T-Mobile NL network

Choose a Display name
Activation Code, provided by Sodaq

Add an asset (Sensor)

Display name: user friendly name
Name: sensor identifier, must be unique per sensor

Here you can choose the different kind of data types.
Set this to “string” for the current available examples

Hit the button “Create asset”

Data decoding
Now we have to tell All Things Talk how to interpret the data.
Go to: Settings -> Datadecoding -> Custom and paste the code below

   "sense": [
       "asset": "your-asset-name",
       "value": {
         "byte": 0,
         "bytelength": 15,
         "type": "string"

Update the asset name to your assetname, in this example update it to “test”.

byte : 0
bytelength : 15

In this case the startbyte is 0 and the lenght 15,  so the data is from byte 0-14.
If you send less then 15 bytes, the data is ignored. If it longer, it will only use the first 15 bytes.

In this way its possible to send multiple values in one packet.