KPN Developer Cayenne

KPN is an Dutch telecom operator.

In this tutorial will be explained how to create an KPN Developers account.
What you need to change in your SODAQ One and how we can setup Cayenne.

  1. Create or Login to your account
  2. Create a new device
    Device name: Choose a name for your device
    Destination URL:
    Enable GeoLocation: No, we won’t use this function for this tutorial.
    Activation method: ABP will be used in this tutorial.

  3. Login or Create an account on
  4. Create a new device
    1.  Select LoRa
    2. Select Actility
    3. Search for sodaq
    4. Selct the SODAQ ONE
    5. Put in the Device EUI
    6.  Add device
      *KPN and most other telecom operators use the Actility Software
  5. Download the latest SODAQ Universal software from GitHub
  6. Upload the sketch to your board
  7. Open the Serial Monitor
    Disconnect any power source connected to the SODAQ ONE.
    Connect it to your pc over usb.
    Open a serial monitor within 30 seconds.
    If you don’t see any data within 2 seconds, press Enter.
  8. Update the following settings
    dev= (your Device address)
    app= (your AppSKey)
    key= (your NwkSKey)
    retry=1 (autoreconnect)
    sf=12 (Best range, sf=9 for RN2903 modules)
    cay=1 (Enable Cayenne payload)
  9. Put the device outside to get a GPS fix and when data is recieved by a KPN gateway the empty myDevice Cayenne will be automatically filled with data.