Add sensor to sodaq one

How to add an exernal sensor to the sodaq one?

Download the latest software from our github.

Cayenne LPP

Cayenne is only supporting a few standard sensors, analog and digital(1/0) values.
Check the CayenneLPP.h for the supported formats.

CayenneLPP cayenneRecord(51);
51 bytes, this indicates the lenght of the cayenne payload. 51 bytes is the maximum for a lorawan packet on spreadingsfactor 12. If you have a bigger payload change this value and keep in mind that you also need to use a lower spreadingsfactor.

Seach for the function: void updateSendBuffer()

In the tracker software we send 3 sensor values to Cayenne:
cayenneRecord.addGPS(1, latitude, longitude, altitude);
cayenneRecord.addAnalogInput(2, voltage);
cayenneRecord.addTemperature(3, temp);

Example to add a 4th (analog) sensor.

cayenneRecord.addAnalogInput(sensorId, sensorValue);
cayenneRecord.addAnalogInput(4, 1.23);

Sodaq payload

Coming soon, check this page on a later moment.