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User Guide

Click here to open the "SODAQ AIR - User Guide" in a new tab.

Device health check

A web page to check the status of your device is under construction. More details will be added later.

Updating your device

  • The AIR needs to have a cupercap with high charge to start the update process.
  • The AIR will update with or without connected to a magnet mount.
  • The AIR will check for an update when re-connected to a charger.
  • The AIR needs to be disconnected from a mount for at least 1 minute before reconnecting.
  • The AIR makes a connection to the update server when showing a white LED.
  • You can check if the update was succesfull on the healt check page.

Release notes

These versions are released to the hardware of the SODAQ AIR.
The AIR will automatically update to the latest version.

v0.4.8 - Initial public release

v0.5.0 - GPS and Connection improvements

  1. Release date: 07-02-2023
  2. Improved the bootup of a device when connected to a magnet mount.
  3. Turn off the modem when device is disconnected from a magnet mount. This will prevent blocked cell towers.
  4. Improved GPS lookups for when a device is in static mode.
  5. Added error detection with automatic reset. When a device detects a problem for a certain time it will reboot.


Q: Why is my AIR not visible on the map?

A: Is your AIR in the magnet holder?
It required a AIR holder with a magnet to turn on the AIR.

A: Is your AIR turned on outdoors?
Indoors the AIR cannot find a GPS position and therefor it cannot plot your data on the map.

A: Disconnect the mount for 5 minutes.
This will turn off the sensors, after 5 minutes reconnect the mount to turn the AIR back on.

A: Drain the supercap
Attach the mount to the AIR without connecting the charger for atleast 72 hours (3 days).
If using the AIR in static mode, reconnect the charger and data should be visible within the next 2 hours.
If using the AIR on a bike, charge the AIR for 2 hours before use.

Q: Can I open the AIR to look inside?

A: No, when opening the AIR the waterproof seal might damage.

Q: I bought my AIR with connectivity but why is the SIM tray empty?

A: The SODAQ AIR will be delivered with a SIM chip, therefor the SIM tray is empty.

Q: Can I use a longer charge cable?

A: We tested the cables which we put in the SODAQ AIR box. You can use other/longer usb-c cables, most of them should work since the AIR's don't require a lot of power. But we don't guarantee anything.

Q: How much power does the AIR consume in static mode?

A: The AIR uses 30 uA in sleep.
Every message costs an average of 100 mA measured over 1 minute.

Lets take 101 mA for every 5 minutes to make is simple.
There are 12 messages per hour.
101 * 12 = 1212 mAh

There are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year.
1212 * 24 * 365 = 10.617.120 mAh per year.
10.617.120 is equal to 10,6 kWh every year.

The usage is measured on the AIR itself, depending on the cable and charges the powerconsumption can be slightly higher for the total setup.