Introduction to Cayenne

Cayenne is an online graphical user interface for Internet of things solutions. The devices that were registered are displayed online and in the cayenne app that are available for Android and IOS in the App store and google play.


Make sure that you have inserted the right DEVEUI, App key and App EUI in the code, for example in the tracker software code.

Uncomment the lines and change their codes

To add a new project, select Add new, Device, Lora(Beta), Network [The Things Network, Loriot, other], Sodaq One.

Change the name of the project to your project name, the DevEUI. Also select if this device moves or not. Click “Add device” to add the device.

When the object is on a physical adress, it can be submitted, i fit is a moving object, the location will be determined by gps.

After this, the payload is presented graphically friendly and the names of the different input scan be changed. The picture below shows an example of input data.